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VizScore — An on-screen notation delivery system for live performance.
For more information: ICMC 2015 Paper (alternate link).

Hemispherical Spatial Swirler — A spatializer for Hemispherical Speaker Arrays.
Functions include:
 - audio bypass
 - speed, depth, and direction control
 - smart learn buttons

Smart Learn — A learn button for physical control in Max.
Functions include:
 - status color changes
 - cc number display
 - current value display
 - off/reset

MIDI to Coll — Record and playback MIDI sequences into a coll object in Max.
Functions include:
 - record a sequence of any length via a midi controller into a coll object
 - preview your sequence
 - save as a txt file to recall in your patch


Shafer Handwritten Music Font — A custom music font for Finale.
 - full replacement of default Maestro font
 - additional microtonal accidentals, let vibrate noteheads, and system dividers
 - accompanying alphabetical font for all text elements