Program Notes

…it flows from huge underground wells to giant pumps that force it to the surface…a well-timed blast of air removes debris from the discharge channels…pure waste ready to be recycled…pulp it, this is done by using a range of chemicals to break it all down. The waste is filtered once more because, even at this stage, impurities may have slipped through. The clutter is sieved out and the workers end up with grey slop…chemicals and soap are added. Air is pumped through the slurry…it is spread out and passed through a press with an absorbent cloth…through a series of heated conveyors which dries it out…two rollers coat it in white, giving it a traditional, clean appearance. A machine tests samples so that they can be assigned a quality grade…then packed up to be sent to the right client when they need fresh stock…it uses some fairly high-tech equipment, but at the end of the day, people power is still the best filter for the job.

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