Assorted tools for Max and Pure Data environments.

Video Processor — A generic video processing (and synthesis) platform that exposes many of the Cycling ’74 Vizzie modules to a recall/crossfade system. Does not require Max to use.

Sonification of Solar Harmonics Project — An open-source platform for sonifying and visualizing helioseismology data.

VizScore — An on-screen notation delivery system for live performance. For more information: ICMC 2015 Paper (alternate link).


Software written for the LA Laptop Collective / CSULB Laptop Ensemble:

Hemispherical Spatial Swirler — A spatializer for Hemispherical Speaker Arrays.

Smart Learn — A MIDI CC learn button for physical control in Max.

MIDI to Coll — Record and playback MIDI sequences into a coll object in Max.

Hardware Emulation

Ricercar una melodia — Software model of tape-delay system for Jonathan Harvey’s Ricercare una melodia (1984).
Commissioned by Toshi Chun.

Narcissus — Software model of Vesta Koza DIG411 delay system for Thea Musgrave’s Narcissus (1987).
Commissioned by John Barcellona.


Shafer Handwritten Music Font — A custom music font for Finale.

  • full replacement of default Maestro font
  • additional microtonal accidentals, let vibrate noteheads, and system dividers
  • accompanying alphabetical font for all text elements