Technical Description

interactive VR installation



Program Notes

In collaboration with Ruth West, xREZ Art + Science Lab.

INSTRUMENT | One Antarctic Night lets you jam to the rhythm of 817‚373 stars through the power of VR. Created from starlight reaching robotic telescopes in Antarctica‚ after a 160‚000 year journey‚ the experience transports players inside of a star field from the heart of the Large Magellanic Cloud. The multi-player experience brings the rhythms of the cosmos to life in an endless remix instrument. Inside this luminous space‚ multiple players explore and collaboratively create new visual and sound remixes from unique data about the stars.

Big data has met its creative match. We’re transforming over 758 million data points about 817‚373 stars into a virtual world of light and sound. XR technologies employed include: Data-driven and networked multi-player procedural graphics and ambisonic audio‚ GPU-accelerated machine learning‚ high-resolution displays‚ precision tracking‚ and multi-player collaborative interaction in virtual reality.

For more information, please visit the project website: INSTRUMENT | One Antarctic Night.

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