Selected Creative Work

Polytera II

Year: 2017-19
Instrumentation: flute, piano, computer
Duration: 9:00

The score for Polytera II is generated in real-time with the performer’s input (microphone feeding an analysis system) driving the parameters for subsequent staff systems of musical material. The large-scale features of the piece are pre-composed: the piece “restarts” three times and I urge the algorithm to go in different directions each time. Electronics and live processing are also embedded in this algorithmic system. Performers: Calliope Duo, Elizabeth McNutt, flute; Shannon Wettstein, piano. Representative excerpt: 03:18 – 06:27

r u ok

Year: 2022
Instrumentation: soprano, computer, lights
Duration: 13:00

r u ok heavily samples and emulates the music of avant pop producer and composer Sophie Xeon. The text is generated using a recurrent neural network supplied with every Sophie lyric. The physical movement is remixed from Sophie’s music video “It’s Okay to Cry.” Both voice and gestural input drive the live vocal processing. Performer: Shelby VanNordstrand, soprano. Representative excerpt: 05:01 – 07:45.

Zoom Studies

Year: 2020-21
Instrumentation: audio/video streaming service with feedback
Duration: 17:00

Zoom Studies is a three-movement work for 1-channel video and 2-channel audio that exploits security loopholes in the popular remote conferencing platform. No. 1, Three-Way Mirror and No. 3, Unpinned explore telematic feedback. No 2, Collective Memory, on the other hand, uses fragmentation and glitch processes. Representative excerpt: 02:30-04:10.