The Sonification of Solar Harmonics (SoSH) Project
International Conference on Auditory Display, 2019

T-Shaped Music Tech Curriculums: Preparing Music Tech Students for the 21st-Century Creative and Technology Workforce
Proceedings of the Sempre MET2018

New Behaviours and Strategies for the Performance Practice of Real-Time Notation
eContact! 19.3 Journal of Canadian Electroacoustic Community

Ephemerality and Multiplicity: Recent Approaches to Real-Time Notation
Ph.D. Dissertation, University of North Texas

Performer Action Modeling in Real-Time Notation (alternate link)
International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation & Representation, 2017

Performance Practice of Real-Time Notation (alternate link)
International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation & Representation, 2016

VizScore: An On-Screen Notation Delivery System for Live Performance (alternate link)
International Computer Music Conference, 2015

Dividing Spaces: A Historical, Philosophical, and Theoretical Approach to Incommensurable Interval Ratios
Master’s Project Report, CSU Long Beach, 2012

An Analysis of Henze’s Sonatina for Solo Trumpet
for Dr. David Schwarz’s Analytical Techniques III, University of North Texas, 2013

On-Screen Notation

VizScore — An on-screen notation delivery system for live performance.
For more information: ICMC 2015 Paper (alternate link).

Shafer Handwritten Music Font — A custom music font for Finale.
– full replacement of default Maestro font
– additional microtonal accidentals, let vibrate noteheads, and system dividers
– accompanying alphabetical font for all text elements


Sonification of Solar Harmonics Project — An open-source platform for sonifying and visualizing helioseismology data.


Hemispherical Spatial Swirler — A spatializer for Hemispherical Speaker Arrays.
Functions include:
– audio bypass
– speed, depth, and direction control
– smart learn buttons

Smart Learn — A learn button for physical control in Max.
Functions include:
– status color changes
– cc number display
– current value display
– off/reset

MIDI to Coll — Record and playback MIDI sequences into a coll object in Max.
Functions include:
– record a sequence of any length via a midi controller into a coll object
– preview your sequence
– save as a txt file to recall in your patch

Hardware Emulation

Ricercar una melodia — Software model of tape-delay system for Jonathan Harvey’s Ricercare una melodia (1984).
Commissioned by Toshi Chun.

Narcissus — Software model of Vesta Koza DIG411 delay system for Thea Musgrave’s Narcissus (1987).
Commissioned by John Barcellona.

Physical Computing

eMotion Sensor — beta tester for Chet Udell‘s mote sensor project

Giant Knobs — custom built, arudino-based midi controller and associated software

Analog Electronics

Intellijel Shapeshifter Tutorial Series — a 7-part masterclass on Intellijel’s popular dual wavetable oscillator

Analog LPF with CV Input — resonant low pass filter design