Nam June Paik and Paul Garrin (1986)


Zach Lovitch, Seth Shafer, and Andy Zacharias (2011)





Program Notes

The principle idea behind this sound collage was to both make a new accompaniment to Two Channel Music Tape: Spring/Fall and to contrast/deviate from the ocean sounds that were predetermined by Nam June Paik and Paul Garrin as the soundscape for the other video channel within this work. All three composers constructed/programmed software, inspired by the Paik-Abe video synthesizer, for synthesis through the manipulation and segmentation of pre-existing sounds, songs, and music. Their output was then further combined, overlapped, mixed together, filtered, and processed.

This work was on exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Art from Oct. 7, 2011 through Feb. 12, 2012, and was also part of Pacific Standard Time.

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